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"I Can't Keep Calm, I'm An Irwin"

The fact of the matter is, I would not be able to keep calm no matter my name.  Not my nature.  *LOL*

A bit of history about Dawson and Linda:

Dawson and Linda met in the Human Resources Department of the Portland, Oregon, V.A. Medical Center in 1995, where they formed the MCTV comedy show "Our Show" with some other team members.

Linda moved to Idaho in 1998.  Each pursued their own creative adventures until finally coming back together in early 2014.  Awesome Insanity Surfers is the brain child of their experience and their humorous take on life in general which it is their hope that others will relate to and enjoy.

There are many creative venues they wish to explore including reality television, comedy podcasts and You Tube videos.  They are always looking for fellow creatives, so contact us if you are seriously interested.

Awesome Insanity Surfers has merged with Off The Cuff!

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